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Globle Unlimited is an exciting quiz game that will require knowledge of geography. Play and travel around the world. Guess the riddled countries and improve your rating!

How to play Globle Unlimited

To start the game, click on the globe. Search for a country and use the color clues.

Every day, a new puzzle awaits the player - the territory of the country, which must be found on the globe. The player has an infinite number of attempts. To do this, type the name of the country in the search bar. As soon as the request is processed, the territory of the state will receive a certain color on the globe.

Color marking will be a hint for finding the next option. The brighter the red color on the card, the closer the player is to the guess. White color indicates that the participant is too far from the classified state. It is necessary to move in the opposite direction. A rich red color suggests that the participant is almost at the border of the mysterious country.

Also, additional information will be indicated under the globe, which can be used to choose the next guessing option. The distance from the country indicated by the player to the hidden one is displayed on the screen. When a country is guessed, its territory will be highlighted in green.

Victory statistics

At the end of the game, the participant has the opportunity to check his result in the statistics section. It shows the total number of rounds played, as well as the number of guessed states for today and from the total number.

The list also shows how many attempts it took the participant to guess the country. The statistics provide an average figure taking into account all the rounds played.

In addition, the date and the last successful game are indicated.

The quiz perfectly trains memory, develops thinking, and also improves knowledge of geography. Thanks to statistics, you can organize competitions with friends and compete in the accuracy and speed of guesses.

Globle Unlimited is a great entertainment, useful and fun.

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